Behind the Scenes at #TeachersTakeSacramento2016!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I honestly can say that I don't even know where to begin with this post.  I have had a few weeks to process, decompress, and come off the high that was #TeachersTakeSacramento2016.

I headed to Sacramento on Friday with my friend Shyra from Junior High Core Values!  We had a fun drive up!  We put together lyrics to a left/right game, caught up on classroom stories, and sang to the radio.  We got up there and had the Bell Hop help us unload my car.  It took 2 trips to our rooms to get everything from my car!!  So much SWAG!!!!

Friday evening, Erin (Very Perry Classroom), Sarah (Tales of Teaching with Tech), Laura (Teaching from Beyond the Desk), Shyra and I went to dinner with the TPT Crew.  We had such a great time.  The restaurant had a FRY MENU!!!  Delicious!!!

Friday evening, we had an unofficial meet up with some Teacher Pay Teachers authors and bloggers at Armourth.  It was nice to finally meet these ladies that I feel like I have built friendships with through social media!  

Armourth was awesome, but I knew there was still a LOT of work to be done in preparation for the meet up the next day!  So the #CAFab4 went upstairs and began working on the most AMAZING Swag Bags EVER!!!  There were so many boxes at one point, that I wasn't sure I was going to have a place to sleep!

At about 2am, the bags were ready to go! We celebrated with a quick cheers and some delicious Original New York Seltzer!  I am not going to lie...going to sleep that night wasn't easy!  I was far to excited for the next day!  :)

On Saturday morning, we were up early!  I remember opening my eyes and looking at the clock.  7:45am.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Way too early!  But I was so excited!

We headed over to the State Capitol with all of the t-shirts and the camera to meet up with all of our teacher friends!  We got the camera set up and the shirts handed out!  These shirts were made by Marty from Graphic Traffic, a local business here in the Bay Area!  We had a couple of our great teacher husbands to help us take the photos!  They even got silly and started taking pictures on their backs and upside down!  :)  

Once we were done with our photo, we sent everyone off on a fun scavenger hunt of Old Sacramento!!  Laura from Teaching from Beyond the Desk created a fun scavenger hunt!  A few weeks before the meet up, the 4 of us went to Sacramento to see if we could figure out all the amazing places on the list!  It was a blast!  There are so many amazing photos under the hashtag #TeachersTakeSacramento2016!  You should check them out!!  Myself and the girls headed back to set up for our meet up!  We had the greatest bell hop!  He helped us get everything into our cars and somehow we managed to make it all fit!!  

The evening of our 1st Annual Teachers Take Meet Up was INCREDIBLE!!!!!  71 teachers shared stories, dinner, and won some UNBELIEVABLE giveaways!!!!  I am still speechless about how generous and supportive people are!  We had amazing giveaways and swag bags, none of which could have been possible with out companies and creative Etsy crafters that support teachers.  THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR DONORS!!!!

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The tables were UNREAL!  Sarah from Tales of Teaching with Tech was the visual designer behind these tables.  She had a vision of what she wanted them to look like and she nailed it!!  Everything looked great!!!


Erin from VeryPerryClassroom worked hard at creating an amazing DropBox link for each attendee!!!  With over 35 wonderful products from some FABULOUS TPT Authors!!!  These goodies spread a cross the different grade levels and subject areas!  

Kat from Sprout Classrooms made these GORGEOUS wine glasses for every attendee!  We had them set up on the tables as teachers arrived!  They were beautifully made!  

A huge thank you to Sheila from Sheila Jane Teaching!  We celebrated's 1st Birthday with these delicious mini cupcakes!!

I am still overwhelmed with joy and happiness and my teacher heart is still so so full.  I am so grateful to be a part of this teacher community!  I am so happy that I can call these girls my colleagues, my friends, my tribe.  I am really looking forward to 2017 for our next #TeachersTake Pacific Coast Region Meet Up!!!!  


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