Friday, October 2, 2015

Fall Tree Project

Last year, I found an amazing project for Fall on A Clutter-Free Classroom!  I enjoyed creating a similar project with my students. This year turned out better than last and I wanted to share it with you!!!

The first thing that I did, was have students (of course) put their name on the back!  Lol. I forgot this last year. Next, we talked about the colors of Fall. I passed out those colors of tempts paint to the groups. I gave them a small amount because I wanted them to use less paint so that it would dry faster. Then, I had them create a sunset. Thankfully we had some beautiful sunsets this week, so they had images in their head and tried to create those sunsets. 



After they dried, I had them freehand a tree with branches. I did a sample on the board and shared ideas from last years blog post. I explained that their trees had to be about 2 inches shorter than the black paper. This way it wouldn't reach the top of the page with the sunset. I told them they could add a hill too it if they wanted. Once they were done with drawing the tree, I had them cut it out and glue it on the sunset. I explained that the bottom should be all along the bottom of the sunset so the tree doesn't look like its floating. Lol. They turned out amazing!!!!


I am so proud of how well these projects turned out!  I can't wait to put them up on my bulletin board tomorrow!!!!!!!  

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