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Saturday, April 4, 2015
II have linked up with Farley over at Oh Boy, 4th Grade again for another Currently!!  I can't believe it's already April!  Crazy!!!!

Listening:  Right now, there is a Friends marathon on.  I seriously love this show!  I own all 10 seasons and tend to repeat the lines as I watch.  It's beautiful outside…I should be outside.  Ya know?  I think once I am done here I am going to do exactly that!  :)

Loving:  I am so happy that it's SPRING BREAK!  I needed a break so badly.  I am kind of enjoying having nothing to do.  Relaxing, sleeping, spending time with friends…it's perfect!!!

Thinking:  I am thinking about the NorCal Meet Up!  I am so excited it's ridiculous.  It's going to be here before I know it!  Great friends and great new memories!!

Wanting:  I want to see my niece so bad!  I can't wait to see her over Easter.  She doesn't live that far away, but I don't get to see her that often. I'm excited to spend some time with her this weekend!!

Needing:  I had never heard of the 21 Day Fix until last week.  It isn't a diet, so much as a way to learn portion control.  I am teaming up with my cousin, coworkers, and friends to complete the 21 Day Fix Challenge.  Janet is going to be our coach and I can't wait!  If you would like to join me, here is her link:  Coach Janet!  I am really hoping to feel good in my skin by the time I go to Vegas this summer!!!

EGGS-plain Your Name:  Well that's an easy one.  I love owls.  When I left my old teaching job, my email address was shut down and my blog went with it.  I was so upset.  I loved the name and didn't think anything else would meet my expectation.  I came up with a list of ideas and one night, I was sitting here and thought…."Hooo-Ray for Teaching."  It stuck and here I am today!  :)  Owls & Teaching + My Blog = LOVE!  :)

I hope you enjoyed learning about what I am "Currently" up to!!  Come link up with Farley!  Happy Easter!!


  1. Glad I found your blog!!! I'm on Spring Break too...finally. I saw a friend post about the 21-day fix just today. I haven't ever heard of it. I need to check it out! :)

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

  2. Your blog name is so cute!!! And enjoy your much deserved break. I know I will be too!!

  3. I could use a few extra days of Spring Break. Once back we only have 7 weeks and 2 days left until summer. But I'm not counting or anything.
    Good luck with the 21 day fix!
    Lunch, Snacks, and Recess


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