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Monday, November 3, 2014

State Reports are done, graded, and stored for our accreditation coming up!!!  I can't wait to put them out to show the team that is coming to look at our school!  They are going to love them!

I found this project on Pinterest.  I came from The Library Patch and it was a huge hit with my class!  I made a form that accompanied the project, that my students used to take notes about their state.  They then used that information and transferred it over to their project.

Once the information was transferred, the kids couldn't wait to start coloring their flaps.  They took so much time on them and they truly looked amazing!!!  I really liked this project because it wasn't your typical state report.  Students had the opportunity to use creativity and work hands on to create something they would be proud of!  We are going to be using these in a smaller scale later in the year to create a book that will be submitted into a book contest!  Watch for that post in the Spring!

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  1. Hi Brianne - How exciting to find one of my products used in a blog post!! Your kids' state reports turned out wonderful, and there is nothing as awesome to me as knowing that kids across the country are using something that I created. Too much fun :) Just in case any of your readers are looking for the report, it can be found here ... Thanks for sharing :) ~Sonya from The Library patch


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