Sunday, July 13, 2014
Vegas was amazing!!!!  I met so many teachers and gained new perspective for what blogging and TPT can do for me!  I learned so so much!

I decided to go to Vegas early. I spent Tuesday at a fundraising dinner for my moms nonprofit, My Brighter Tomorrow. It was a good time for sure!  On Wednesday and Thursday, I spent the day at the teaching expo at the Venetian. It was fantastic!!!  I walked away with way more than I needed, but I am excited!!

Thursday evening, I went the the teacher blogger meetup hosted by What the Teacher Wants!  They had an amazing give away!  Tons of treats!!!!  I also got to meet Molly over at Lessons for Laughter. She inspired me to start my blog a couple of years ago. I was truly excited to finally meet her!!

Friday I spent the day at the Teachers Pay Teachers conference!  I leaned a lot about blogging and growing my TPT store. I want it to be successful and now I feel like I have some of the tools to do that!  I am even hosting my 1st Giveawy!!!!  You will have to visit my Facebook page and check it out!!  :-) 

Deirdre over at A Burst for First is having a linky party!!  Head on over and check it out!!  There are tons of Fun Vegas stories!!!!

Overall, Vegas was a huge success!!!!!!!  I can't wait for next year!!


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  1. Hi Brianne! I found your blog post about Vegas. Wasn't it the BEST ever? Maybe I'll see you there in 2015. Your blog is adorable!
    Heather from Oregon
    Mrs. Renz Class


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