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Tuesday, July 1, 2014
It's been a crazy couple of months for me!!  I found out that I was moving grades back in May.  I am SUPER excited!!  I will be teaching 5th grade!!  On top of that, I had my not so little, little brother move in with me.  He's finishing the Police Academy and it's only 3 blocks from my house.  It's been kinda fun having him here!

I have also decided to take a very proactive stab at getting my blog really going!  I am attending the TPT Vegas Conference next week, and I couldn't be more excited!!  I have also contacted someone about doing a complete blog redesign!  Wahoo!

The end of the year was amazing!  My students are unbelievable!  I love them so much!  I wanted to share some end of the year pictures with you from the last few weeks.  We decided to take an end of the year field trip to one of our local news stations, KPIX. We watched the noon news and the kids got to sing "Let It Go" from the movie Frozen.  They showed it on TV during the noon and 5pm news.  It was pretty awesome!!!  As a "thank you" to the parents for attending, I gave them each a little treat…

The end of the year brought more parent "thank you's" and since I LOVE Pinterest, I found some fun ideas.  My 2nd grade class had parent helpers for reading groups, music class, and computer/library classes.  I kept track of the parents who helped all year, and these were the little gifts they got!

I loved the Bath & Body Works makes men's scents for the dad that helped out!  He was grateful I think!  :)

My room mom's were absolutely amazing this year.  Coming into this school, I was nervous.  These mom's eased my worries on day one and never once left my side.  I think I was one of the luckiest teacher's EVER!  For them, I went to Bath & Body and get them a set of beachy themed things.  Here is the finished product!

I think one of my favorite gifts was for the students!  I decided to go ALL OUT!  I found a great shirt idea at Whitney Daniels Desgins.  My students drew pictures of themselves on index cards and we sent them in.  I emailed the parents and asked them to donate the cost of the shirt and I got amazing support! I also purchased sand buckets at Michael's for 0.49 each!  On top of that, they gave me 15% off because I am a teacher.  I then went to Oriental Trading and bought all sorts of goodies!  I stenciled on each kiddo's name to the bucket and filled it.  The last day of school was filled with all sorts of excitement as they went through their sand bucket!!!

The end of the school year was a good one!!  I had amazing students last year!!  I can't wait for my new class to get to me!!!!!



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