Sunday, December 8, 2013
I decided to give the Elf on the Shelf a chance this year.  I am now teaching 2nd graders that actually believe in Santa and I love it!!!!  Our elf came into our room the day back from Thanksgiving.  The kids were all yelling, "It's an Elf on the Shelf, it's an Elf on a Shelf!!!"  They were SO excited.  Under the Christmas tree (yes, I teach at a Catholic school, so Christmas trees are allowed) there was a gift all wrapped with a massive bow!  The kids opened it and it was the book and movie.  We read the book and named our elf, FROST.

Frost hid all week and watched over our class.  Everyday the kids came in so excited and immediately started looking for him.  It's been great.

Then on Friday, the unthinkable (sort of) happened.  One of my students touched Frost.  Oh man, the world was ending!  I had one of the girls come running to me at lunch to tell me and when I look over, the boy who touched him was in tears.  Following with the "rules" of the EotS, I went in and sent Frost back to the North Pole before he lost his magic.  When the kids came in after lunch and saw that he was gone, I had many in tears again.  Over the weekend, I have received emails from parents with pictures of the letters that their kids have given to their home elf to take to Frost and Santa.  It's SO cute.  Tomorrow, with the stockings all hung, we are hoping that Frost will come back to us!  I suppose we shall find out!

Stay tuned!!!


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